Answer: According to the definition of the words, pest and control, the term Pest Control means the exercise of power and authority over those organisms people declare are pests. Since a pest is something that is undesirable, the implied purpose of pest control is to cause a pest to go away and significantly improve the quality of all our lives.

Answer: Shortly after the term pest management came into general use, scientists were called upon to provide a definition of the term that would be widely accepted and widely useful. Nearly three decades later there is still no widely accepted The root cause, in my opinion, is we are attempting to define a concept. Thus, pest management is the approach, the framework, the gestalt, that pest control practitioners use to view pest problems.

Answer: The basic, or fundamental, difference between Pest Control and Pest Management lies in how we view a pest problem. Pest Control is simplistic and views pest problems with a very narrow focus – solving all pest problems by eliminating the pest. Pest Management views pest problems with a broad focus – solving pest problems by using a combination of tools. Pest Management is multifaceted, for it focuses on alternative solutions to, and cause of, a pest problem.