government building in washington dc infested with pests


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Angel Systems Inc. is a small business with major capabilities serving the Mid-Atlantic region for over 28 years. As a small business, we are unique in the industry to be able to provide this vast array of services. Each requires its own licensing and certification which our trained, experienced staff has earned. Our history of performance is highlighted by service to many of the largest facilities in the area requiring sophisticated solutions to complex pest issues. This includes military bases, hospitals, universities, office complexes, restaurants, and more. We have been recognized for our superior service by the Department of Defense, the Maryland Department of Health, as well as the Washington D.C. area Building Owner and Managers Association. Along with dedicated general pest management we are licensed and certified in all categories of pest management.

All businesses have a legal responsibility to provide a safe, healthful environment. We will help you meet those requirements with services based on the least toxic treatment measures that are then backed by our system of clear ongoing communication. Technology is a major component of our service delivery success. Immediate contact and a fully documented service stream provide you with the records you need for the regulatory authorities and the healthful site your people expect. Our pricing is below the large firms and our service is better.